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Your Stories: Fans On The Train

Reader Theresa Fordham-Smith tells us about her experience of using fans on the train.


Hi all you lovely ladies,

I hope you are all very well.

I live in Essex and travel into Liverpool Street. I am happy to tell you that I am 52; 53 on the 7th September.

I am so angered by some other women, yes other women(!), on the trains. I have been working in the City of London since February this year and have become a penguin in the “penguin party” which is the London commute.

Recently the temperature has been unbearable on the trains, as I know you are very aware, so we all have to be somewhat accommodating with regards to the heat, closeness, touching and smells etc. Which brings me to my rant!

I purchased a little hand held fan for myself and a female colleague so that we could make use of it on the trains, what with hot flushes etc, and to my utter amazement, both her, myself and another colleague have all experienced the glare and frowns from other women, yes women, not men, women! What on earth is their problem eh?

We have all experienced the glare and utter annoyed looks from fellow female commuters, and one women actually moved away from my colleague. The lady huffed and puffed and literally moved away making it so obvious that she was angry with the slight whirring noise of the handheld fan.  My colleague was so sad at this, it made her feel terrible. 😞

How very, very sad that another woman, and trust me, they were all of a certain age, and most probably experiencing or have experienced the dreaded menopause, so should have known better, and had some sympathy and empathy with us using fans.

So please please please, fellow female commuters, cut us some slack, it’s bad enough that we have to go through the menopause in the first place, but to get attitude from you because of the use of a small hand held fan is just beyond a joke! We are meant to be united aren’t we????

Have a fabulous day lovely ladies, and lots of love xxxxx

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