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7 Questions with Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark – one of Britain’s foremost television journalists – answers 7 quick fire questions about her experience of the menopause.

Team MM: When did you experience your first symptoms?

Kirsty Wark: When I came off HRT after a hysterectomy.

Team MM: What was the worst symptom that you experienced?

KW: Hot flushes and night sweats.

Team MM: When were you formally diagnosed (if at all)?

KW: I wasn’t diagnosed, I knew that after my hysterectomy and they took out my ovaries that I would be in menopause.

Team MM: What support did you receive from your GP or other medical professionals (if any)?

KW: I didn’t really receive any support from my GP because I decided to come off HRT after a friend had a breast cancer scare.

Team MM: Did you feel comfortable talking about the menopause with your friends and loved ones?

KW: I felt comfortable talking to my friends because some of them were going through it too.

Team MM: Do you feel that there is enough support in society for women going through the menopause?

KW: Not support that is easy to find.

Team MM: How did the menopause impact your work?

KW: It didn’t impact my work but I was very conscious that I wasn’t having a good night’s sleep – and I still don’t!