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Changes in Body Odour

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As with hot flushes, I’ve not experienced any changes in body odour.

But it is something that does happen to a lot of women and it can lead to feelings of embarrassment and anxiety. On top of everything else we are going through, it can make for a pretty disastrous combination. So what causes the changes? 

Causes of Changes in Body Odour

Sweat production increases during the menopause (like during hot flushes and night sweats, or because of increased anxiety and panic attacks) because the reduction in levels of estrogen confuses the hypothalamus (the temperature regulating part of the brain). When the body releases more sweat, body odour becomes more evident.

My Top Tips

Carry around deodorant.

You’ll need deodorant more than before, so get yourself a travel sized stick or spray that you can carry around with you discreetly. Never be unprepared, you’ll thank yourself later by keeping some deodorant handy.

Keep cool.

Body odour changes are a result of increased sweat, so best to try and keep cool. Whether that means dressing in layers of breathable, natural fabrics or making your cooling spray your new best friend, it’s best to figure out how to keep cool. Keeping your underarms cool and dry (in particular) is important, as bacteria grows in warmer places.

Look at your diet.

The nutrients calcium, zinc, and chlorophyll have been shown to help fight bad body odour. The best way to be sure you’re getting these nutrients is to keep a balanced diet. Never skip a meal, and be careful what you cut out and add into your diet. Moderation is key to everything!

Shave your underarms.

Hair can promote the accumulation of bacteria, increasing sweat and odour. Fight back by shaving or waxing your underarms regularly, making it harder for bacteria to grow.

Try a hydrogen peroxide wash.

Using 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%) and 1 cup of water, you can create a bacteria fighting wash to wipe with a washcloth on your underarms, feet, and any other sweaty area.

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