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I don’t really have allergies and it wasn’t something that affected me during my menopause but I have spoken to women who have experienced this.

The thing is that we are more at risk of developing new allergies or experiencing an increase in the intensity of existing allergies because our changing hormone levels can weaken our immune systems. If our immune systems are not functioning as they should be this can make us more sensitive to certain allergens. For more information on the impact of the menopause on the immune system, read our article here.

My Top Tips 

Consider the allergen.

Menopausal women can experience a variety of new allergies including eczema, hay fever, and hives – which are all treated differently. Pay attention to what exactly your experiencing so you can tackle the symptoms head on! Dry eyes? Try eye drops and eye masks! Stuffy nose? Use steam to clear it! Treatments tend to be symptom-specific, so focus exactly on your symptoms.

Lifestyle changes.

If you’re new to allergies, treating them may be down to small lifestyle changes you’re not used to. For example, you might need to start keeping your windows closed to keep allergens out, or buy an air filter to reduce the number of allergens in the air.

Eat more citrus.

Citrus (along with garlic, onions, and other fruits and vegetables) are allergy fighting foods. Citrus, garlic, and onions boost your immune system, which combats allergies directly. Get your daily vitamin C in!

And more fish.

Coldwater fish has omega-3, which can reduce inflammation caused by some allergies! If you’re vegan (or a non-fish eater) you can also try mushrooms, vegetable oils, walnuts, flaxseeds, or dark leafy greens. For more alternatives to regular foods, read our article here.

Do yoga and pilates.

Yoga and pilates are great exercises to teach breathing and relaxation techniques, which can help with asthma and respiratory difficulties. Plus, exercise in general is great for your health and will boost your immune system.

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