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Mundane Mum Things That Can Bring You Joy

Time is one of our most precious resources and it seems to fly by especially quickly for us mothers.

Mums are pulled in so many directions every day that sometimes they might wonder when they’ll have a spare second to themselves, let alone the time to find joy in their day. 

While there’s no real secret here that makes motherhood less busy, there are a few ways that you can take joy in even the most mundane of tasks. Let’s take a look at five of them below. 

Laundry Day

Laundry day is arguably the worst day of the week. Of course, you might try to stay on top of the overflowing laundry baskets throughout the week or sneak a load of laundry in while the kids are out of the house. Sunday is often our “catch-up day.” It’s here, in the laundry room, that you can to look within yourselves for a little spark of energy that can go a long way in making this chore less dreadful. How? By tuning into your senses.

First, and perhaps the most obvious in this scenario, is your sense of smell. Rather than concentrating on the stench radiating from your son’s gym socks, reach for the bottle of fabric softener. Like all calming exercises, remember to breathe. Is there anything more cozy than the smell of clean cotton?

Secondly, pay more attention to the feelings you get in the laundry room. Give wet linens a good shake before tossing them in the dryer (it’ll prevent wrinkles). Hug warm sweaters for a bit after you take them out of the dryer. Be mindful with each fold of a sleeve, collar, or pant leg. 

Next, is your sense of sight. Stimulate your senses by sorting laundry by colour and choosing creative colour combinations when you hang clothes on coloured hangers. It’s small, but it’s something.

Now, when the last load is in the dryer, take five minutes to lie down in a nearby room. Let the humming of the dryer lull you to a state of relaxation. This quick reset may be all you need to get through the rest of a long day.

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is also at the top of the least enjoyable chores list. For most it’s a weekly task that often falls upon our shoulders to handle. That doesn’t mean that it has to be a bad experience. There are few things you can do to make it a better one. 

First of all, remember that you’re essentially in charge of a very important aspect of your family’s lives while grocery shopping – their diet. Your choices have a direct impact on your family’s health and happiness, and that’s brilliant. Instead of feeling stressed by the task, remember the positive difference that you’re making in your family’s life and take heart. Make a list, take your time in each aisle, and take pride in making healthier choices for your partner and kids. 

In between trips to the shops, you might enjoy some light reading through the latest cookbooks and wellness websites (I’ve got lots of food recommendations). You might find a beneficial ingredient that will excite you to incorporate in this week’s meals. Getting creative in the kitchen can be highly rewarding and is seldom overlooked by your family members.

Pickups and Drop offs

Whether it’s school, sports practice or a doctors appointment, or doctor appointments, it can seem like you’re always in the car. In order to make drop-offs a little more centred on your wellbeing, consider taking the scenic route home. I know London traffic isn’t the best for this, so sometimes a walk in the park can also do the job. Go ahead and treat yourself to a smoothie or Starbucks and take a nice quiet stroll. Take a few minutes to enjoy the view and re-energise. After all, they say that life’s a journey, not a destination – right?

Fostering Togetherness

As a mum, you probably believe that you have to get everything done on your own (as a single mum, believe me I know). After all, if you won’t, who will? This might often be true, but there are certain ways that you can cut down on your workload. Despite our best efforts above at making laundry day, grocery shopping, and transportation sound a little more bearable, sometimes a helping hand is the key to finding joy.

Depending upon the age of your children, they could be doing their own laundry and washing their own dishes – or, at the very least, folding their clothing and carrying dishes to the sink. Little tasks like these can grant you enough time to sneak in some much needed self-care. You might also decide to delegate your grocery shopping chore by using a delivery app. You can shop on your phone and it can be delivered right to your door.

Everyone has a different experience with menopause. For some it’s absolutely dreadful, and more bearable for others. It’s a matter of perspective though. Menopause is something we can learn to not only accept but to be grateful for. 

This is a time in your life that you are nearly forced to come to terms with who you are by deepening your sense of self—both physically and emotionally. It is important to feel assured that this—the pain, the mood swings, the hot flushes—too shall pass. You’ll come out on the other side of this experience with the know-how of coping with some of life’s greatest hurdles, feeling like a total super human.After all, Mums are household superheroines, but that doesn’t mean that you’re unstoppable. Remember to take some time for yourself whenever you can to enjoy life’s little moments, even if that means turning a chore into a treat.

Guest Post by Paige A. Mitchell

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