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Top Five Picks in My Luggage

This last trip helped me recover from winter and cleaned up my mind.

It feels so good to take care of yourself that we should all do it more often. After packing a very basic bag, I ended up realising that I put many important things inside, but there are some that I wouldn’t go anywhere without. These are my Top Five items for travelling. The following list includes all of my favourite items. Let’s see if you agree with me.

1. My Tweezers.

I am actually getting extra hair in weird places. Places that I’ve never had before or even had to think about. Of course, we all know it’s the lack of oestrogen that fails in counteracting testosterone levels, hence, more hair. But we don’t want to see them there, so, yes, tweezers. The joys of menopause!

2. My Rose Gold Bullet.

Ladies we all know relaxing is important as well as pleasure. So, I need to have my bullet with me always for an extra dose of relaxation (and pleasure). It is compact, discreet and easy to carry around. Nothing better than to feel and be independent with these matters. And as I always speak up about masturbation, orgasms help the blood flow to the vagina keeping things nice and plump, orgasms also increase pelvic floor strength and relieves stress.

3. M Blend CDB Oil & MegsMenopause’ Products.

I spent years looking for good products with ingredients I like and trust, without nasty chemicals. Now I am producing something in line with my needs, natural, vegan and environmental friendly I wouldn’t go anywhere without them. With the risk of not being able to find anything similar at my destination. My CBD Oil helps with my anxiety so I couldn’t travel without it.

4. Jason Organic Tanning Lotion.

This one is my favourite. Sun screen protection is so important in general and even more during & post menopause. Skin becomes very sensitive and also, it is more likely to get dark spots and non homogenous skin tone. In addition, sunbathing without protection makes our skin age much faster so another good reason to always have sun protection when enjoying the sun. Moreover, my face moisturiser always has sun screen protection (SPF) even in London on cloudy and rainy days. It is very important to protect our skin, and it helps prevent ageing.

5. Organic Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin.

When I do this kind of holiday by the sea I avoid washing my hair, to give it a rest. What I do is apply coconut oil to hydrate it and I usually massage it in well after every application. Coconut oil is very good and its benefits are endless. I usually use coconut oil for my skin as well, as it is natural, and it works very well as moisturiser for me. It is great for nourishing your skin after sun exposure and good for sunburn as it soothes the skin so I can use it after a shower. The only down side is your bed linen. Expect “moist” sheets in the morning.

Well these items are my Top Five for a holiday by the sea. I just want to add a sixth item, which would substitute the sun tan if I‘m not going to be by the sea. I would pick instead of a suntan lotion a good book or my crystals. As you know, I love reading and I‘m adventurous with my book choices. I like to read everything in fact, I usually pick up my books from Oxfam and then return them after reading. This way, I am always open to trying new authors and subjects. I am also always reading about meditation and self-care. These two topics are a fundamental part of my menopause journey and I think they’ve helped me a lot through it. For my Crystals, I always have them always with me. My absolute must is a Shungite as it protects me from EMF, especially G5, and it brings a better nights sleep as our menopausal hormones prevents us from sleeping well. This is the reason why it is always with me when travelling.

Well that’s all on my essentials for travelling. In the next article, I will talk about my travelling experience and share my thoughts with you.

Meg Mathews interviewed by Ornella Cappellari

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