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MegsMenopause Conference 2019

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MegsMenopause conference has just finished and I already miss the vibe that was around the whole day.

I think this year was TRULY amazing. The way we started the conference was even better than last year! We started with some breathing exercises and meditation, then we encouraged all of the attendees to hug each other for at least six seconds. It is known that six seconds of hugging is enough to release oxytocin. Who doesn’t have six spare seconds in a day? We also asked all of the introducing each other, leaving everything else outside the door, to make them understand that it would been their day, completely focus on them. Last year instead, we went straight into the conference, but I am more into spirituality, that’s why I preferred this year opening.

I also loved the fact that I was able to meet the feelings of so many women.

I could address their doubts, their questions. I managed to put together different experts, to fill women with as much information as possible without them having to spend crazy amounts of money and having a lot then a slot of 45 minutes (time that any specialist would dedicate to you). Seeing all of the women interested in the various topics made me smile. I had a big smile on my face all day, especially for the happiness that this day brought all those around me. The number of smiling faces was unbelievable. I was also proud that we succeed in providing so much information about alternatives to help each individual face the menopause, such as CBD oil, which is a valid alternative and it worked very well for me personally. Moreover, the purpose of the day was about helping women by talking about this “taboo” which is the menopause in a place that make them feel safe and enabled them to express themselves honestly without judgement.

For years, peri-menopausal and menopausal women have been around treated with antidepressants. But it wasn’t depression that they needed to fight or at least not only depression. It is usually a form of anxiety caused by the lack of oestrogen. Now that I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can help other women going through it. For example, I personally take HRT and they are regulating my hormones so well, that I will continue taking them for as long as I can.

I felt the vibe was really good. Women were happy, everyone was hugging and smiling, taking photos, writing messages.

They basically have never had access to all of this information in one place. No GP’s are able to give them all of the information to women highlighting all aspects of treatment available (which I found shocking in a sense, that you are not routinely referred to a specialist).

Moreover, it worked really well in terms of relationships, as everyone got to know each other so well at the end of the day. I think it was really an emotional and special event. We felt like a family, a big menopausal female-oriented family.

If I could change any aspect of the day, I would like more stalls at the event. Because it gives all women an insight as to available treatments and products in one place that otherwise we struggle to find. Next year, I will organise a bigger CBD oil expo too. Basically, what I am trying to achieve is the making the megsmenopuase movement to become more of a lifestyle brand for all women. Also we could focus more on essential oils and holistic options. The end of the conference was really amazing and everyone was so happy and emotional (in the best sense). It felt so good to dance and sing together. Everyone should do this every day as it releases endorphins, and since we can’t always do the same exercises that we did before like running, (in many cases) we need to find alternative ways to produce them (usually doing sport is one of the easiest way to get a quick burst of endorphins).

It was a wonderful, emotive day, but as always, and we will be improving the experience for years to come. I would like to pay more attention to the spiritual journey for women and I am very keen also to talk about my crystals. They are also used in some cancer treatment units, so their benefits are good for many people. Next year I would like to bring professional people in to discuss this as an option as 5G is on the horizon and this form of radiation could be really harmful to us all and crystals can help in preventing this. I am talking about ways to protect yourself and our homes. I personally that it works as now I sleep much better (no blue light, no light no TV light, also I have something around the router to inhibit the effects).

Loved all the women, I love their smiles.

The food was delicious. I know there was a little wait for the sandwiches but besides that everything ran smoothly. I know I keep repeating myself, but I have never seen so many women hugging each other and smiling. Forming relationships and friendships that were not there at the beginning of the day! I now know, that this is ‘my purpose’. I feel that this was my destiny to do this. This is the job that I feel was my calling or vocation. I do my best to talk to everyone and get back to everyone who messages, every day I try to answer all questions and comments raised. I find it ridiculous that most GPs know so little about menopause as a whole, but we are going to do our best by fighting to bridge this gap of knowledge. The more we do this, the more information and options we share with each other, we will achieve this for all women out there.

Here’s a little recap video of the day.

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