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This video about Kundadance was taken on New Year’s Day, 2020.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga. I’ve just posted an article on my website about this (click here to read it)– it has become my passion. This is a video that I had filmed back in January in LA with Maya Fiennes.


She created a Kundadance, which is a Kundalini Yoga dance that connects all your 7 chakras. A Chakra is a focal point of spiritual power in the body, and each one opens something different in you. In this video, Maya explains better what Kundalini Yoga is and we’ll show you the exercises that make up the dance.


There are 7 different exercises (1 for each chakra) and you can do these for as long as you need. Maya usually spends 7 minutes on each exercise, which totals 49 minutes. This is also a great workout that truly connects your mind, body and soul.

During this time it’s good to practise Kundalini because it’s about waking your body up and feeling connected and spiritual. I feel reconnected and grounded thanks to this practice.

Maya Fiennes

Maya Fiennes introduced me to Kundalini Yoga is. She’s a good friend of mine. Maya is an internationally renowned musician, composer, yoga teacher and acclaimed author of Yoga for Real Life, a best-seller translated into several languages. A pioneer of the New – new thinking, new feeling and new ways of sharing, she loves to help her students and her readers create the life they want to live! She has worked with everyone from Deepak Chopra to Goldie Hawn and has
dedicated students worldwide.