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The UK lockdown has been going on for about a month, with an additional 3 weeks just announced. I thought it was a good moment for an update. This virus is taking its toll on our life, isn’t it?

Italy Lockdown

Here in the UK we still have some freedom (relatively) which is super
precious. One of my collaborator in Italy, described their lockdown being
much stricter. In fact, in Italy (which was badly hit in March, especially
northern regions) they can go out just for groceries and necessities
and one person at a time. You are not allowed to go farther than 100 meters from your house except if what you need is outside these 100 meters.

Self-Declaration & Hospitals

You need to carry with you a self-declaration where you state why you are going wherever you are going and in case the police stop you they will also double-check the information provided. Sounds like something straight out of a movie!

Regular hospital check-ups have been suspended except for emergencies (non-COVID related). On the 14th of April, they started to open some more shops. The good thing is that for the entire length of the lockdown, food has always been available (even toilet paper!).

The lockdown in Italy started on the 3rd of March for the northernmost regions, which were declared “red zone” and then from the 11th
of March the all of Italy has been in lockdown. The measures will be
“released” officially the 3rd of May.

Good news!

But, the good news is, this effort is paying off. Italy reached its peak and COVID-19 cases and related death are decreasing. Not as rapidly as they were expecting, but it is a steady trend. So, hopefully, freedom will come back soon!

How has it been? Hard. Not only because it happened so suddenly, but also because it is challenging to stay inside all this time. People live in small houses nowadays.


For women going through menopause, it is so challenging. Keep yourself active and do some meditation/relaxation exercise. Well, at least all of this is easier on the brain fog point of view. Not going anywhere brings the possibility of forgetting something down! Of course, you can still burn your dinner while doing online pilates class, but this is another story. 

Here is a piece I’ve written about coping with the lockdown. 

UK Lockdown

In the UK the lockdown started on the 23d of March. So, a bit later. We are in fact expecting a peak in a couple of weeks. In a televised address to the nation on March 23, prime minister Boris Johnson announced unprecedented limits on where and how people can meet and gather during the continuing coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown started officially the next day. The measures introduced then are some of the most draconian so far the UK has ever faced and have resulted in a huge shift in how people behave. The idea behind the lockdown is that we must stop the disease from spreading between households.

Reasons to Go Outside

The UK government has advised there are four key reasons why people should leave their homes during the lockdown.
These are:

  • Shopping for food and other necessities
  • Exercising alone or with someone from the same household (the government recommends that happens only once per day)
  • For medical issues, including providing care to others
  • To travel to and from work.

When people do leave their homes for exercise or any other of the
government’s acceptable reasons, they have been told to follow social
distancing guidelines. This means keeping two metres away from others at all times. So, we are still in a better position than Italians. How long will it last?

Who knows. Different therapies are under evaluation of already existing
drugs and a new vaccine will be tested between UK and Italy and we should get results by September. This does NOT mean the vaccine will be ready in September but we will know at least if it works. In the meantime, the best thing is to organise a “home routine” to follow, to keep yourself entertained and to keep yourself safe from madness. This is the key point!

And most of all, keep yourself safe, and sane!

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