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Vaginal Dryness & Sex Problems

Vaginal dryness and impact on sex life

There are many symptoms associated with menopause. For some of them, it’s easier to talk about openly, while others are embarrassing and women tend to hide the fact they experience them. For example, most of the sex-related symptoms tend to be hidden by most women. One of those is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness, as well as being embarrassing can be extremely frustrating. There is nothing more frustrating to be turned on but you are not wet down there.

And this is something we have always take for granted. In the end, you will enter a loop that will make you worry about having sex. Worrying and panicking will only make you even dryer. This because the thought will be on your mind and you will never relax once you know something is happening or is about to happen.

Lubricant is the answer!

That is the reason why I invented Motion Lotion, so women can have a go, and play with it. We are too young to put sex in the corner! Even if it is the first time with someone or just a one night stand, lubricant can be a participant in the fair plays. On top of that, the oil-based lube feels like satin on the skin, so you can play with it on the chest of your partner, you can tease him by massaging them, and when (and if) it comes to penetration it will just slide in very easily, believe me.

What can you do with Motion Lotion?

It will bring your sex back to another level because it’s something exciting and new. You can be the first one, to start playing, and then you will dominate the situation, you can also start by rubbing it on yourself, on him, it is totally up to you. You are the director!

This will turn your partner on, male or female, and you will be surprised with how good your sex was that night (or day or afternoon whenever you feel like doing it). It is possible to use oil-based Motion Lotion in the shower if you want to spice up the situation by changing location frequently. Of course, not the water-based one, this is not indicated for shower use.

Can sex be painful?

Yes, unfortunately, pain is one of the common sex problems. This is the combination of dryness and vaginal wall changing with menopause. During menopause, the vagina becomes tighter and smaller. Of course, you don’t want it to be painful, that’s why the lubricant is there, to help with the ‘dryness’ aspect of the pain, and basically, loosen you up.

If you would like to spice it up in the bedroom (or wherever) as I suggested, do it in different places, buy new underwear, everything needs to be spiced up once in a while. It brings a level of fun and excitement in a relationship.

Men, on the other hand, can try using Viagra (this can help other types of sex problems, such as ED- erectile dysfunction). It is free in the UK, my male friends say that the morning after sex is even better. So, in lockdown, try those things out, you can have toys, fantasies, whatever you like! Spice is the keyword. 

People do not look at you the way you look at yourself

One important thing you need to remember, people, are NOT looking at your body as you are looking at it. You usually look at every inch of cellulite. Your partner probably couldn’t care less about the cellulite. They are not looking at those little things we women worry about. They can barely realise when you cut your hair let alone an extra inch around the waist!

Most people are looking more at the general picture, they don’t look at a single roll on a tummy. A University survey published it. Women must stop being so obsessed. If you have a picky partner, the sex problems could not be the sex at all- but maybe the person is wrong for you. Remember: nobody is perfect.