NHS Campaign Extended

NHS campaign

Wow, what a week of great support all of you have shown!
I announced this campaign last week. I’ll be giving 10% of the sales from the MM Range to the NHS and that all of you lovely people get a FREE FAN with every purchase till the end of April…

Till the end of April no more!

I’ve decided to extend this campaign as I’m realising how much of a difference we can all make together. I am so grateful to each person who supports MegsMenopause and for those who have made a purchase that will help the life-saving service that is the NHS.

And don’t forget, there’s FREE SHIPPING with every 2 products bought in the UK! ??


CBD- The M Blend

Also, during the lockdown, many people are struggling to get hold of hand sanitiser and face masks.

So when buying any products from ‘The M Blend’ CBD range, whether it is Vegan Gummy Bears, CBD oil, CBD spray, you will get a FREE Hand Sanitiser and a FREE Face Mask. 

‘The M Blend’ helps with anxiety, insomnia, joint pain and so much more!

Buy any product and get a FREE Hand Sanitiser and a FREE Face Mask.
Take advantage of it, and keep safe!