Nutrition With Rosemary Ferguson

The following is an Instagram Live that I had done with Rosemary Ferguson. Rose is a brilliant nutritional therapist, and a dear friend of mine. She has helped me so much in teaching me about how to eat the right foods and get the right nutrition in my diet. It’s not about counting every single calorie, but knowing what’s good, what’s not, and how to balance it out.

In this video Rose explains a lot of words related to nutrition that we’ve all heard, but maybe we’re not sure what they mean such as refined sugars. We also discuss words that everyone knows, but maybe not where they come from or what they do to your body, such as fibres, healthy fats, and Vitamin B. It is also interesting to know that eating some foods can either worsen or help certain menopause symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, and night sweats. All the information spoken about in this video can be found written here. 

Keto Diet 

A diet that I found really works for me is nutritional Keto Diet. Healthy eating does NOT mean bland boiled food in the tiniest portions. That’s why it’s important to know what different foods do to you.  So get your pens and papers out, and let’s learn about nutrition together! 

More Nutrition

Find out more about Rosemary Ferguson’s work here. She has so much more information all about nutrition for all stages of life, and healthy delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even smoothies. Rose even has a book available all about juices that includes a 100 nourishing recipes and simple juice fasts.