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Vibrators: How to Choose the Right One and How to Keep it Safe to Use

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Vibrators How to Choose the Right One and How to Keep it Safe to Use

The industry of sex toys boasts a greater variety than ever before, and imagination reaches far beyond the standard replica of the male penis. In this article, we will focus on the classics. The buzzing instruments of joy: vibrators!

What types of vibrators are there?

For maximum pleasure, it is essential to pick the right fit for your needs; this doesn’t simply mean size but also where you enjoy stimulation the most. For example, if you like anal sex, it is recommendable to choose a product, especially for this purpose. It also might help to know that, according to studies, only 18% of women say that penetration is sufficient to reach orgasm.

To achieve a greater variety in sexual pleasure during masturbation or sex with your partner, the choice of sex toy is very individual. Luckily, the industry today offers something to everyone’s preferences, and you can get vibrators in all kinds of shapes, lengths, and different sizes.

Most common models of vibrators:

* Mini models, also called bullet vibrators, are designed to stimulate the clitoris and can be considered the gateway sex toy recommended for women who give it a go for the first time.

* Rabbit models are designed to induce a “mixed orgasm” by stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously.

* Classic models are the most realistic imitation of the man’s pleasure stick.

* Luxury models are slightly more expensive, made of high-quality material with extra features like, for instance, a remote control. It allows you to adjust the frequency of vibrations at any time and gives you additional control over your experience. Curious?

All devices generate varying levels of high-frequency vibrations and deliver continuous pleasure and climax. 

What to consider when buying a vibrator?

The material of the vibrator impacts the physical feel, the type of lubricants you can use with it, and how to best clean it.

In terms of feel and care, silicone is king. The material has a nice, soft touch. It is nonporous, which makes it easy and safe to clean. Another popular and more affordable nonporous option is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, a hard plastic. Try to avoid toys that contain phthalates. These are chemicals used to make plastic softer. The jury on the possible harmful effects on health is still out, but better safe than sorry.

How to keep vibrators safe for use?

Sex gadgets need good care and to be stored properly. You should give your favourite regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s care instructions. Most manufacturers do not recommend care products that contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide because they can damage the product. If your vibrator, for example, is not waterproof, you will need suitable solutions which you can purchase at a sex shop or pharmacy. You can wash silicone with baby soap under warm running water or wipe with products for intimate hygiene. You can significantly extend your vibrator’s life and consequently your joy by caring for it.

After use, your toy should be very well wiped with a soft cloth and sent for storage until the next time. Contrary to the familiar depiction on TV, you should not just chuck your sex toys in the drawer of your nightstand. While keeping them within reach is favourable, we recommend putting them into a box with a lid to avoid dust and dirt accumulating on your pleasure gadgets. Products made of PVC, latex, silicone or gel should be stored separately in a dry place at a moderate temperature, and don’t forget to remove the batteries.

So give your toys their own space. A pretty container will also add to the experience. What better anticipation than opening a box that will gift you immeasurable satisfaction and joy?

How to use vibrators properly?

Before using your vibrator, you should first wash or clean it especially, if you use the product for the first time after purchase. Cleaning your vibrator before and after use prevent bacteria from entering the genital tract. If you are unsure about the cleanliness of your toys, you can also place a condom on them.

If you prefer using lubes, consider that the material of your vibrator will impact the type of lube you can use with it. MegsMenopause Motion Lotion is a water-based lubricant safe to use with latex.

Besides the care, there are no rules. Play to learn what gives you the most pleasure. They are called toys for a reason, so have fun!

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