A Message from Meg

I’ve been working on these products for over two years now. It is the first full range dedicated to intimate care, easing the tough menopause transition by giving back comfort to all women, and as a lifestyle option for women of all ages.

I have many comments talking about how embarrassing it is going to your pharmacy and picking up a bottle of lube or intimate wash. The branding and the packaging of most other products are loud and flashy. I wanted to make a range that a woman can pick up and take to the till without having to blush.

In my range, I picked each ingredient myself and made sure the products are ‘naturally organic’. The ingredients are also completely vegan approved and have not been tested on animals. I have always been a strong advocate for animal rights, so having a range that reflected this was also a huge goal of mine. I’m also especially proud that these products have been made and manufactured solely in the UK.

All my love,

Meg x