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In 2016, I fell and broke my wrist. I told my dad about it and he seemed really concerned. I couldn’t understand why as wrist and arm breaks are fairly common. But he reminded me that my mum had suffered badly with osteoporosis and that it can be hereditary.

Irregular Periods

Throughout my life, I seem to have been one of those lucky women who didn’t ever get period pain. Back at school, I never had a day off games or classes and I could never relate to my friends who had a heavy flow or craved sugar and could eat 6 bars of Dairy Milk in one sitting.

Hot Flushes

Before hitting the menopause, the words ‘hot flush’ conjured up images in my mind of an older woman suddenly sprinting across a room to open the windows while dramatically shedding her clothes and desperately fanning herself with whatever comes to hand.

Sleep Problems

Sometimes it can seem like a good night’s sleep is a fond but distant memory. I found this to be one of the most difficult symptoms to cope with because it really affected my everyday life.