This week, I’d like to share with you more information about Pelviva, a pelvic floor muscle exerciser.

I’ve been raving about this product for a while, and I’ve received many questions about how it looks, how to use it etc. But first, let’s learn more about the pelvic floor. A weak pelvic floor leads to leaks (like when you sneeze, at the gym etc). Click here for an introduction.

I’ve decided to just show you the product and talking about it more in detail on video. So, here’s how it looks and how it works, so you can see just how easy and discreet it is. You just pop it in (like you would a lil-let), pull the little tab, as I demonstrate in the video. 30 minutes later, work out is done! You pull it out and don’t think about it till your next ‘appointment’.

It is recommended to use Pelviva for 12 weeks, but the majority, 80% in-fact, of women who do this treatment report noticeable improvements in as little as three weeks (9 products).

Pelviva call this The Three Week Challenge. Of course, all women are different but the Three Week Challenge is a great place to start. Use my code: MEG50 for 50% off the 3-week Pelviva pack. Head to to order yours today and start improving your pelvic floor today!