Menopause is not the Motherpause

My Personal Advice for you and your kids for getting through Menopause successfully, together. Happy Mother’s Day! If you are Mother as well as a Meno, you are a superwoman in my books. Two huge journeys in any woman’s life, and today it’s all about you! Being a mother has been one of my life’s […]

Meg’s mission

Hi Ladies! This month, it’s all about you. We celebrate everything about being a woman. There is nothing more important than celebrating who we are. With the impact of COVID-19 there is yet another excuse to not put ourselves first, but fundamentally we should not overlook the time we need to spend investing in ourselves. […]

Requiem for my sweat pants

I am not a fashionista by anyone’s definition, especially my mother’s. She could take a deep breath and dive into a bin of clothes on sale at Neiman’s and triumphantly come up with an Armani sweater half off. She had monster lung capacity. I look at a bin of clothes on sale, hyperventilate and run.  I hate shopping. […]

Meno Blend – A timeless ‘game changer’

My Menopause Journey Menopause has been a real challenge for me. As many of you already know I had a traumatic perimenopause. My journey has not been an easy one. I experienced 32 of the 34 recognised symptoms of the menopause, some of them severely. It took me time to understand what was wrong with me, to find […]

Boost your mood during menopause

Mood swings can be the hardest part of menopause. Dealing with a pandemic and lockdown in winter has just made it that bit tougher. You may be struggling to find motivation and mood swings are a challenge. Sometimes menopause can leave us weak-willed, but there are things we can do to feel better. The choices […]

A meno Valentine Menu

Valentine’s Day is almost here. You and your partner may have already planned something special? Maybe you feel you don’t need a specific date to celebrate your relationship? But with a pandemic, lockdown and all the restrictions that have become a part of our daily lives, perhaps February 14th 2021 could be just the excuse to turn up […]

Take Care of Yourself Down There

Fact: Your intimate health is just as important as the rest of your physical health. But when was the last time you checked the pH of your privates? If it was yesterday, fantastic! You’re truly a vagina self-care sensation. Congratulations.  Yet, among most women’s busy lives it’s fair to say the majority of us often […]

Pelvic practice makes perfect

What is the pelvic floor?  The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that can be found in the base (floor) of your pelvis. If you think of the pelvis as being the home to many organs like the bladder, uterus (or prostate if we think about men) and rectum, the pelvic floor muscles represent the foundation. These muscles constitute the support […]

I was told I had a golfball-sized tumour: stage 2b cervical cancer

Jasmine Carter was 26 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Treatment put her into early menopause. How did she cope?  I was due for my first smear test in 2018, at the age of 25. I was pregnant with my second child at the time, so I planned to have it done a few months after he was born. I still hadn’t […]

Cervical cancer and the menopause

Cervical cancer is a specific type of cancer which affects the cells of the cervix. (The cervix is the passage which connects the uterus with the vagina.) This type of cancer can affect the deep tissues of the cervix and if not treated, may spread to other parts of the body (metastasize), often affecting the lungs, liver, bladder, vagina, and rectum. Most cases of cervical cancer are caused by infection […]