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Symptom Series-The Sanwhich Effect


Today we’re going to be straying away from a specific symptom this week, but talking about something that can affect many women during the menopause… The Sandwich Effect. For those of you who may not know, the sandwich effect is that period in your life when your children are growing up, they may be dealing with exams and university, but also on the other end of the spectrum, your parents are getting older and may depend on you for care more and more. During this time it can feel like your stretched too thin between these two generations and you can feel very much sandwiched in the middle with your own problems to deal with. For me personally, it started when I was around 49 – 50 years old. My daughter Anais was just starting her GCSE’s and my mother had unfortunately just passed away, so I had to support my dad through the family’s grief. During this time I felt so run down. I felt like my family needed me so I couldn’t burden them with any of my own problems so I felt like I had to carry on no matter what. But this personal time for ourselves is so important! Everyone needs a break every once in a while, so it’s important to give yourself some quiet moments where you can relax and decompress. Despite how hard it can be to reach out to people for help, we all need to start communicating with our loved ones and friends about what we are going through. I feel like self-care can often be seen as being selfish, but I think it’s like when you go on a plane and they talk about the life masks. “Make sure your life mask is securely fastened on yourself before helping others”. If you’re not feeling great and you’re not giving yourself the self-love you deserve, then how can you expect to support anybody else through their problems. Anyway Menos, I would love to know if you’ve experienced the sandwich effect. Tell me in the comments below! Love, Meg x