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Pelviva – How Does it Work?

When I met with the team from Pelviva I knew they had something really special.  Bladder control is an issue for so many women and it’s a topic that is hard to talk about. But you can do something about it.  The majority of women are getting benefits within just three weeks and Pelviva is clinically proven to help 84% of all women after 12 weeks.  It’s shaped a little like a tampon.  You put it in your vagina and pull the tab and it sends pulses which do you Pelvic floor exercises for you and in the correct way.  Like a tampon it’s single use and you dispose of it like you would a tampon. Very hygenic and what a great way to sit down with a coffee and know you are looking after your Pelvic Floor.

On this tutorial and very instructive video I hope you can get your head around on how this works and how you can benefit from this little amazing device.

For more information about Pelviva and its products please visit their Website or Shop. (or you can use the shortcut on the side banner)