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Symptom Series- Bladder Problems

And this is it Meno’s! The last symptom video in the series…Bladder Problems. Now before we start, I just wanted to say how amazing you all are for following this little series since we started it in June. The responses we have gotten from you all has been amazing, and I feel so lucky to have an audience such as yourselves. ??????

?Bladder problems as you may know the lack of oestrogen can weaken the pelvic floor leading to those little accidents when we laugh, sneeze or even when we work too hard at the gym. However, bladder problems aren’t just exclusive to the menopause. For many women, they can experience bladder issues after childbirth or any other activity which can put strain and damage to the pelvic floor. This is why it’s so important to take care and exercise our pelvic floors. So we can avoid these little accidents once and for all.

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Love, Meg x