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Perimenopause With Dr Saadia Meyer

This month I decided to invite menopause expert Dr Saadia Meyer for a little video interview to inform us all about Perimenopause. She tells us what it is exactly and why we should be more concerned about this than menopause itself!

Have a watch and see what advice you could give to your younger girlfriends if they haven’t quite reached the menopausal age yet and why they should be aware of some commonly missed symptoms that are related to the beginning of the hormonal decline that precedes Menopause.

Love, Meg x


  1. Thanks for this video. If you do do a second interview, could you ask Dr Meyer if something happens with your hormones at night? I get some strange symptoms at night and wondering if it could be hormone related.

  2. I am setting up a Perimenopause Hub, to support women through this “fun” phase. I would love to invite you to feature on it 🙂

  3. I’m perimenopause (48yrs old) but know I’ve been going through this for a couple years but just didn’t have a clue. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, only seeing the final picture when you put the pieces together. Diet & exercise & headspace have helped me & im now on the combined HRT patches. Megsmenopause has really helped me! Thank you! Thank you so much xx

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