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Symptom Series-Headaches

Today I’ll be covering a pretty common symptom of the menopause…Headaches! Now, we’ve all probably had our fair share of headaches throughout our lives. But I really did not expect my headaches to be this bad during the menopause. They can be so sore sometimes, I can barely leave the bed. We now know through research that during the menopause the blood in the brain contracts and expands due to increased blood pressure issues. This build-up of pressure can lead to bad headaches and migraines. One of my tips for helping with the pain is by drinking a nice herbal tea. Me being raised in South Africa I love my Rooibos teas, however there’s other great ones such as green teas and lemon teas. Secondly I would also recommend keeping yourself hydrated with water. A lot of the time headaches can happen due to dehydration, so be sure to have a water bottle with you and to top yourself up throughout the day. Of course there’s always pain killers for those headaches and migraines that are particularly painful, however I would recommend to take these sparingly as too many pain killers aren’t great for your liver and kidneys. Anyone else have any tips for headaches? Love, Meg x