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Symptom Series-Body Odour

Today we’ll be covering the lovely topic of body odour. I suppose with all the temperature changes, hot flushes, night sweats etc we experience during the menopause, it’s no surprise that body odour can quickly become an issue. We tend to sweat more during the menopause as the lack of oestrogen can mess with the heat receptors in our brains, making us think it’s boiling even when it’s freezing out. The hotter our body feels, the more sweat gets produced, which can of course start to smell. This means we have to be prepared. I would recommend in our bags we all start carrying around deodorant sticks, some perfume or even a fan to stop us from sweating so much throughout the day. My personal preference for deodorants are ones without aluminium, such as Salt of the Earth or Dr. Hauschka. As many of you may know I’m a big advocate for the environment and more natural products for our lovely bodies. Another tip could also be to shave under your arms more, as the more hair you have means the more bacteria can accumulate leading to those foul smells developing faster. Lastly I would recommend wearing some nice breathable clothing to minimise sweating throughout the day.