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Tingling Extremities

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Do you get a random feeling of pins and needles in your feet? Tingling hands? What you’re feeling could be another symptom of the menopause.

Causes of Tingling Extremities

A decline or fluctuation in estrogen levels impacts our central nervous systems, which means some nerves can be impacted. As a result, the tips of our bodies (fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs) can feel tingly, prickly, burning, or numb, as a result of confused or impacted nerves.

My Top Tips

Exercise and stretch.

To help with tingling extremities, you’ll want to improve your blood circulation. Regular exercise can be the best way to do this! Stretching reduces tension in your body, which will improve blood flow even more (and make you feel great)!

Get a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep can help your brain get all the proper rest it needs to function properly, which will help restore the functioning of the central nervous system. Having trouble sleeping? Check out my top tips for Sleep Problems.

Have an Epsom salt bath.

Another great (and relaxing) way to improve nerve function is an Epsom Salt bath. Epsom salts contain magnesium, which (among other things) is great for your nerve function. Since it’s difficult to consume enough of it through food, an Epsom salt bath is perfect for your nervous system to relax and get the nutrient it needs. On top of that, a warm bath is great for blood circulation and destressing. For more info on Epsom salt, read here.

Consider acupuncture.

A popular alternative treatment for menopausal symptoms is acupuncture, which is beneficial for a lot of reasons: relieving body aches, anxiety, hot flushes… and increasing blood circulation! If you’re getting that pins and needles feeling at your extremities, real pins and needles might be the trick to feel better! Alternatively, a nice massage can equally help increase blood circulation if you’re not feeling too adventurous. For more details on the benefits of acupuncture, see our article here.

Get your B12 in.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is common among those with paresthesia, the medical term for tingling extremities. Get your daily dose of Vitamin B12 in oily fish, milk, yoghurt, eggs, cheese, fortified breakfast cereals, or if those don’t float your dietary boat, try my MenoBlend supplement which has all vitamins a woman may need in this time of life!

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