CBD Oil Reader Review

MM reader Caroline Fapohunda was one of the first trialists of The M Blend. In this article, Caroline relates her experience of using it.


In order for me to properly confirm and see the impact that CBD Oil had on me I have used it for about 3 weeks in total.

Using CBD Oil

I found through my own research that there were many ways to apply CBD oil such as inhalation, sublingual and ingestion. In my experience, the best CBD oil application method for me was to apply it in the sublingual method, meaning once a day I placed 2-3 drops under my tongue which gave me quick results.

I noticed that I was more energised and had a higher sense of alertness after taking a few drops under my tongue. To add also, I realised that in the second week the CBD oil had also helped me with my small case of insomnia and my sleeping pattern improved majorly. In all honesty apart from it being derived from Cannabis I wasn’t sceptical at all. I knew that it was a legal supplement that works because I have friends that have also used and benefitted from it, and I had done a lot of my own research before trying it out myself.

I wanted to try out CBD oil because I was looking for a natural and higher beneficial supplement and I have heard about the all-round great benefits from friends who have used it for their own symptom issues such as hot flushes and blood pressure issues.


I would definitely recommend it to a friend as I have done before, every time I have used CBD oil it has given me great results, it’s a natural supplement that can alleviate many symptoms especially in menopause such as sleeping patterns, night sweats, and joint pains and it has proven itself to give immediate and long-lasting effects.