Symptom Series -Digestive & Dental Problems


Welcome back to a new episode of the symptoms series, today we’ll be talking about digestive issues and dental problems. I’m sure we’ve all experienced heart burn at some point in our lives which is never fun. However, when the oestrogen levels drop, the cortisol levels rise which is the stress hormone. The sugar levels and adrenaline levels can also rise, leading to digestive issues and causing havoc to our whole body. The stress brought on during the menopause can also cause these digestive issues to get worse. Dental issues can also crop up during the menopause. Because of the increased acid reflux and heart burn, this can change the acidity in our mouths causing acid erosion and weakening of our teeth. Bleeding gums can also be a problem during the menopause so be sure to keep flossing every night before you go to bed. Any other tips Menos? Love, Meg x