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Talking with Lucy: Mindset

Today’s video with Lucy is all about mindset. We’ve been talking a lot about physical fitness, and how important it is to get your body moving. Of course, this is essential for you, but we cannot neglect the mind.

Remember, your brain will tell you what to do, what to eat, if it feels up to exercising etc. If you’re in a negative mindset, you’re more likely to fall into a lazy routine. This is normal and we shouldn’t beat ourselves if we feel like that, as long as we work to change that mindset.

One of the most common ways to feel negative nowadays, is letting the media tell you how you should look. We end up scrolling through social media, Instagram and Facebook or anythign else you use. We need to love ourselves! And Lucy gives us all a little drawing exercise to do with your best friend to learn this and see how beautiful other people believe you are. We tend to focus on the negative, and this is a mindset that we should all look to change. It’s time to enjoy life ladies! We know who we are at this age (much more than we did at 20!) so let’s be confident in ourselves, rather than shy away.

So let’s focus on how beautiful life is! Love yourself first Thank you so much Lucy for being with me! It’s been super fun… Watch out for more videos with Lucy in the future… ????