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Such a tonic: how to drink smarter

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Keen to avoid the harmful effects of sugar and alcohol in menopause? This new range of sugar-free tonic waters can help 

We know that too much sugar can be bad for our health. Excess consumption can lead to weight gain, high blood-sugar levels and, over time, high blood pressure and diabetes. During menopause, it’s even more important to cut back on refined sugars as well as alcohol, to help keep our blood sugar and insulin levels stable. Changes in hormone levels can trigger fluctuations in blood sugar, too. Studies have shown that too much sugar can worsen some of the symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes, sweating, weight gain and brain fog. However, with a few smart sugar swaps, you can still indulge without the side effects. 

One brand that’s causing a stir is Gallybird, with its range of naturally sugar-free, premium tonic waters that provide a delicious alternative to traditional sugar-filled mixers. It makes it easy for you to enjoy a healthy, alcohol-free drink that won’t play havoc with your insulin levels. Clean, elegant and free from anything artificial, Gallybird’s carefully balanced tonic waters are the healthy option, using only the finest natural ingredients and sweetened with stevia-leaf extract. They’re certified both by the Vegetarian Society as suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and by Sugarwise as sugar- and calorie-free. 

Gallybird Classic Blend is a modern take on traditional Indian tonic that still has the traditional bite of quinine. It works well as a clean, crisp mixer with a range of non-alcoholic spirits such as Pentire Adrift. 

Gallybird Botanical Blend has subtle sweetness and delicate citrus tones with only a touch of the bitterness found in traditional tonics. It’s great neat over ice. 

Gallybird’s alcohol-free Green Garden Fizz 

  • 50ml high-quality non-alcoholic spirit (try Pentire Adrift)
  • 150ml Gallybird Botanical Blend
  • Ribbons of cucumber and mint to garnish

Method: pour a generous measure of a light non-alcoholic spirit into a tumbler over ice. Add Gallybird Botanical Blend and gently stir. Garnish with delicate cucumber ribbons and a sprig of mint. 

You can buy Gallybird here

This article is a partnered promotion with Gallybird


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