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A spirit that’s willing: alcohol-free drinking can help your menopause 

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Pentire is a botanical non-alcoholic spirit made from unique plants native to the north Cornwall coastline. At Pentire we believe that non-alcoholic drinks can be a positive choice during menopause and help to maintain clarity of thought and good sleep patterns. What’s more, Pentire contains properties in its coastal botanicals that, as with many herbs, can support the immune system and circulation, and potentially aid digestion and brighten skin. Herbs are an incredible source of natural medications. 

Alcohol-free drinks are a smart choice if you’re entering menopause. Alcohol can actually increase some menopausal symptoms (such as hot flushes), and represents a risk factor in breast cancer.  

 Pentire is a celebration of the plant life found on our headlands around Port Isaac,” says Alistair Frost, Pentire’s founder. “An incredible range of botanicals grow here due to a unique combination of favourable climate, soil pH and air moisture.  

 “We believe in adventure, exploration and independence, and to live life to the fullest means being ready, come dawn or dusk, for the activities that excite, challenge and fulfil you. Drinking shouldn’t hold you back from the adventures of tomorrow.”  

Pentire Adrift is a blend of ingredients including rock samphire, sea purslane, sage and sea rosemary. It is free from added sugar, artificial colours and flavourings. That’s another plus: sugar in beverages often represents hidden calories and, during menopause, we know how easy it is to gain weight. And consuming lots of refined sugar increases the risk of diabetes as we age.  

Pentire is distilled, bottled and labelled by hand, producing a drink that harnesses the power, beauty and immense flavour of its plant ingredients. These are two of our favourite ways to mix it: 



50ml Pentire Adrift 
15ml unpasteurised cider vinegar  
15ml honey syrup  
150ml soda  

Garnish: slice of fresh turmeric and fresh fennel leaves  




50ml Pentire Adrift  
3 Nocellara olives in brine 
5ml olive brine 
3 black peppercorns 
5ml maple syrup 
Wedge of grapefruit (squeeze) 

Garnish: olive 

You can buy Pentire Adrift here


This article is a partnered promotion with Pentire  

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