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Meg’s mission

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Hi Ladies!

This month, it’s all about you. We celebrate everything about being a woman. There is nothing more important than celebrating who we are. With the impact of COVID-19 there is yet another excuse to not put ourselves first, but fundamentally we should not overlook the time we need to spend investing in ourselves.

Something which I am particularly vocal about, is my experience of the Menopause. A time in a woman’s life when everything can change, our body, our hormones, our feelings, essentially YOU. Some women don’t notice any difference and sail through it, for others it can completely knock them for six, and it can make life unbearable. I fell into the latter category. I was completely shocked by my menopause. First and foremost, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what was going on. This was the trigger. I went through a very foggy period with a very foggy brain. I was extremely anxious, I didn’t want to see anyone, my mood was changing ten times a day, my sex drive was low… but the worst thing was my inability to put a name to it. This was the same for my doctor, in fact he thought I was just depressed. He gave me a prescription for antidepressants to take and sent me on my way.

But this was not the case. I wasn’t depressed. I knew immediately that the diagnosis was not right, so I went back to the doctor. It was evident to me that it was something different and it’s important to fight for you, after all, you know best when something is not right. In the end, and after a number of frank conversations, and insisting to my doctor that something wasn’t right, I went and saw a specialist. It was then that I found out I was entering in menopause. Me, in menopause and I didn’t notice? or maybe I did, I just didn’t realise it was menopause. I had never even considered it, I wasn’t aware of it. Why was I not aware of it?

From that moment forward, I felt I needed to do something. How could it be possible that no one told me about it? How was it possible there is no warning for women at any age? Why don’t they tell you? Menopause can have a number of nasty side effects, beside the symptoms themselves. For example, “side effects” can include osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. How can you prevent something you don’t know about, if nobody informs you?

I sat back reflecting and began asking all these questions. Something had to be done, my mission just became clearer and clearer. I wanted to be that candid voice, the candid voice of a menopausal woman. I wanted to make women heard and for their symptoms to be take seriously. I wanted to inform them, so they can be aware of what to look for mentally and physically and what they can do to help. There are so many treatments available, but which ones should you consider? There is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is widely considered the best option, but even then there are varying types of HRT, and you need to find the one that works for you and in the correct amount.

But if that is not an option, what else can you do? There are a number of natural remedies available for all the different symptoms, but again, how do you find out about them and where do you go? This is now part of my mission, to open up my website to all the great menopause products that can help you thrive during this period in your life.

Many other aspects of my life also changed during this time. There are some that not everyone would be happy to discuss. However, I believe in the importance of being open and offering candid advice. So let’s talk sex, or my lack of desire for it. How did I go from someone who considered sex an important part of my life and something I had always enjoyed, to someone who now had menopause and wasn’t even interested? How can something which can impact somebody’s life in so many ways not be an everyday discussion topic?

This sent my inner passions bubbling and drove the desire for me to do something to help others. Hence the start of MegsMenopause and here we are, a few years in, with one of the most informative platforms for menopausal women out there. I even created some specific products which helped me ease the symptoms I was experiencing along my journey and I hope they can benefit you as well.

By working with other menopause specialists I am trying to get the message out there. For example, we are constantly fighting to help women gets more rights even in the workplace. Do you know that women in the workplace are still discriminated against when they enter menopause? Did you know that a very large number of women lose their job or do not advance in the career because of the onset of the menopause, some even leave their jobs as their symptoms are so bad they can’t cope. There are many sectors in which we are being the voice of women and are trying to get the best for women entering menopause.

The most important thing when it comes to menopause is to talk about it. I will never stress it enough. TALK ABOUT IT. Sharing is caring. Only talking about it will make it a normal part of our life. Because this is what menopause is. It is one part of the journey. The best thing we can do is embrace it, manage it and try to enjoy it!

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Meg's Quote

If you are depressed,
you are living in the past.
If you are anxious,
you are living in the future.
If you are at peace,
you are living in the present.
– Lao Tzu –

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