Boost your mood during menopause

Mood swings can be the hardest part of menopause. Dealing with a pandemic and lockdown in winter has just made it that bit tougher. You may be struggling to find motivation and mood swings are a challenge. Sometimes menopause can leave us weak-willed, but there are things we can do to feel better. The choices […]

Symptom Series: Irregular periods

Throughout my life, I‘ve been one of those lucky women who never really suffered period pain. At school I never missed games, and I could never relate to my friends who had heavy flow, or intense sugar cravings. In later life, I could never blame the urge to injure my husband on PMT like some of […]

And breathe: how the natural breath can be your best friend in menopause 

It can help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and improve digestion and sleep, says Angie Klein  During menopause, every woman’s experience is different. That’s not surprising, given that there are at least 34 known symptoms. You might experience only minor issues, or you may feel debilitated by a range of physical and emotional symptoms that […]

How do you breathe?

Breath awareness practice for menopause with Angie Klein   Place one hand on the lower belly, one hand on the upper chest, take a few breaths and notice which part of the body rises more (for a guided practice, click here). If we can start with spending a few moments, five to 10 minutes a day, […]

Message in a bottle: alcohol and menopause

Ahead of Alcohol Awareness Week, we bust some of the myths around drinking and menopause  By Dr Ornella Cappellari   The menopause can be hard, we know. And while some women sail through it, others may struggle to cope with the severity of their symptoms. That’s where alcohol comes in. It may seem like a solution […]

Wonderful Ways Music Affects the Brain


There is a song for every occasion, every feeling. Music can do much more than just reflect your mood. Here is a list of ways that music affects your brain.

How CBD Oil Works

CBD Oil is particularly beneficial for anxiety, joint pain, insomnia, and general wellbeing – but how does it work?