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Irregular Heartbeat

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Irregular heartbeat, also known as arrythmia, is directly caused by the depletion of estrogen, which overstimulates the heart.

A drop in estrogen levels can lead to both an increase in heart rate and an increase in heart palpations.

My Top Tips

Don’t worry too much.

Heart heath is very important, and likewise, very scary to think of. If you’re experiencing irregular heartbeat, see your GP to rule out anything more serious, but don’t scare yourself too much – it’s usually harmless!

Try to avoid stimulants.

Don’t give your heart anymore reason to jump! Cutting back on caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes can help reduce heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat.


Practicing relaxation techniques, such as yoga, mindfulness, and breathing exercises, will help lower your stress, a major contributor towards irregular heartbeat.

Do cardio.

Aerobic exercises or cardio (that is, exercises that get your heart pumping) are great for overall heart health, which can keep your heart pumping strongly and normally. If you want to take it easy on the joints, consider fast-walking or swimming!

Sit up.

If you’ve seen your GP and it’s been confirmed that your irregular heartbeats are harmless, you might begin finding them more annoying than scary. If you simply don’t like the feeling of irregular heartbeat, consider how you’re sitting or laying down. Laying on your side pushes your heart closer to your ribs, which means you’re more likely to feel your heart beating. If you don’t like this feeling, sit up or lay down on your back, not your side.

Eat and drink healthy.

Good overall health helps heart health. Drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet to support your heart! Heart-healthy foods include fish high in omega-3s (salmon, tuna, mackerel), healthy nuts (almonds, walnuts), berries, flaxseeds, oatmeal, dark beans (kidney or black), and red, yellow and orange veggies!

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