5 Fitness Classes to Try

Some people enjoy going to the gym and running on the treadmill.

If you’re like that, congrats, you’re one of the lucky ones. But for many people (dare we say, most people), there’s nothing more boring than running in one place while staring at the number of calories you’re slowly losing. Working out at home is great, but the temptation to roll over to the kitchen for a snack and taking an extended break is a bit too much sometimes. Fortunately, there’s a happy middle-ground: fitness classes.

If you’re willing to put a bit of investment into your well-being and physical health, a fun fitness class might be for you. You might not get the flexibility of exercising whenever you want, and it might be a bit more expensive than simply working out at home, but if you’re looking for a fun, different way to exercise, it’s definitely worth the look. There are plenty of amazing fitness classes to take, so you can certainly find something that’s up your alley. If you’re looking for something that will help with menopausal symptoms, we’ve got them covered.

  1. Aqua Fitness

Also known as Water Aquafit or Water Aerobics, Aqua Fitness is an ideal, fun exercise for the menopause. Firstly, it’s easy on the joints and muscles. Since it’s a low-impact exercise, you won’t wear and tear your joints and muscles, so if you’re suffering from joint pain or sore muscles, you can easily get a great workout in without straining yourself. In fact, the water revitalizes your muscles and improves joint mobility. Secondly, you won’t overheat, so if hot flushes have been turning you off from the gym, then problem solved. Finally, it’s great for full-body strength training, since water-resistance will make your muscles work harder, even though you’ll feel lighter.

If this sounds great to you, check out these classes:

Virgin Active Aqua Classes

Pool Finder (look for those that offer Aqua Fitness)

  1. Tai Chi

If you’ve thought about meditation to help you destress and lower your anxiety, you might want to consider Tai Chi! It’s an incredible exercise to help your posture, balance, flexibility and sense of serenity. Goodbye dizzy spells, back pain, anxiety, and stress! On top of that, it can help strengthen both your lower body and upper body muscles. For a good mix of relaxation and fitness, take on Tai Chi.

Classes can be found here:

Tree of Life Tai Chi Center


Tai Chi Union

  1. Aerial Yoga

Yoga in itself is such a great workout for menopause symptoms, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more adventure to it, try aerial yoga. Essentially, aerial yoga (also known as anti-gravity yoga) relies on hammocks and silks suspended from the ceiling to lift and keep you up as you practice different yoga poses and twirl yourself around. Aside from strength and balance training, aerial yoga is particularly beneficial since the suspension uniquely aids your digestive system, as it stretches and relaxes your abdomen, providing relief from any irritable bowel symptom. That said, it’s should be done very carefully, as there are risks of injury!

Try it out here:

Flying Fantastic UK

Anti-Gravity Fitness

  1. Barre

If you had childhood dreams of being a ballerina, it’s time to awaken the child in you! Barre takes inspiration from ballet, and combines it with strength training and pilates moves. It’s one of the best core workouts out there (which is great news for those who hate the strain and tediousness of crunches) while helping you with your posture, joint mobility, and flexibility. This exercise will keep you feeling limber and energized, while being easy on your bones and your heart!

Get started soon:


Barre Concept

Les Mills

  1. Zumba

It’s popular for a reason! Looking for some fun cardio? Zumba is for you. You don’t have to be a good dancer to enjoy the benefits of Zumba. It’s a total body workout that is amazing for cardio (aka heart health), coordination, and weight loss. In just one hour of Zumba you can burn well over 500 calories, and since you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice the struggle. Much more fun than the treadmill, guaranteed.

Ready for it?

Zumba Official Location Finder

Better: The Feel Good Place

With so many fun fitness classes out there, there’s no reason you should think of exercising as a chore! It’s so important to get your fitness in, as it’ll help manage nearly all of your symptoms while keeping your overall health in top form. Of course, the thought of it might be daunting, especially if you don’t consider yourself a fitness loving kind of gal, but who said it can’t be fun? Find the right class for you and you’ll most definitely get the most out of it!