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Motherhood with Anaïs Gallagher

Happy Mother’s Day Menos! For this Vlog, I invited my amazing daughter Anaïs to join me. We discuss how important it is to talk to your children about how the Menopause affects you and cover some ideas about how to cope with the chaos of family life.

Why not share this months Vlog with your daughter? After all we’re all women, we’re all going to go through menopause if we haven’t already. Bring your daughters in to the mm community to help them know what to expect. And if you can, talk to your own mum and ask her about her experiences too.

Love, Meg x


  1. Hi Meg
    Your video with Anais is so relevant with what’s happening in my house. My kids are 12 and 14 and the poor things look at me like I have two heads with my overreacting to a plate in the wrong rack in the dishwasher! I do explain it’s the menopause and not them whilst I’m delivering my guilt ridden apology. My daughter is allot like Anais, but my son stares at me wide eyed and perplexed.
    I do feel it should be covered in school just to raise awareness for them, including the boys. This way my son would have some understanding of what’s going on with me. Mums are having kids later now so the menopause coincides with teenage hormones, an explosive combination! I also have 29yr old girl so this stuff Is so important to me.
    Loving your support in bringing menopause awareness to the fore front for discussion. Let’s hope that as Anais says, when teenagers reach menopause, treatment and awareness will have advanced!
    Kate x

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