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Symptom Series- Slow Metabolism


In many ways I still feel like a 21 year old. I’m still just as bubbly and still just as fun (though maybe now just a little less a fan of alcohol). ?However, one of the ways I know I’ve gotten older is by how just looking at a slice of cake, it somehow already adds 5 pounds to my weight. Unfortunately once you hit around 40, your metabolism starts to slow right down, and the menopause certainly doesn’t help this. At my age now in my 50’s, I have to be so strict with what I eat, as even the littlest indulgence shows on my body. Of course, being strict with yourself, does not mean starving yourself. What this means, is eating cleaner and healthier. A great tip I picked up from Amanda Thebe from Fit’n’Chips, is to focus on foods on the outside of the supermarket. These are things like the fruit and veg section, and the more natural less processed foods. Leave everything else that you can find in the middle, like the ready-made meals, the chips, the cakes and the chocolate on the shelves. As many of you may already know, I also like to do intermittent fasting, which means throughout the day I only have three juices and only eat during 5.30pm to 9.30pm. This diet isn’t for everyone though, as it can be very challenging for different lifestyles and different women. What to focus on instead is putting better things inside our bodies instead of those overly processed foods and just making healthier choices for ourselves more.