Symptom Series- Allergies and Dry Eyes

Let’s talk about Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome.

When we enter the menopause, many women can find that new allergies appear out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s a food allergy, sometimes it’s like hay fever symptoms, other times it’s a skin rash like eczema. Either way, none of these are particularly pleasant. One of the ways we can try to combat these allergies is by boosting our immune system. This means incorporating more citrus and vitamins in our diets to make us healthier and getting enough sunlight (which I know in November can be quite hard). Dry eyes can also come under allergies or can be a separate symptom of their own. As we already know the lack of oestrogen basically dries out our bodies from the inside. This means many women find themselves getting dry eyes, dry skin, dry mouths and even dry vaginas. For dry eyes, you can always pick up some over the counter eye drops which you can buy practically anywhere. Making sure you hydrate yourself properly also helps, and drinking lots of water throughout the day. You can also invest in some of those cooling eye masks, which can help keep your eyes cool and moisturised while you sleep.

Also as a side note, you will have all seen little Oscar in this video. Apologies again for this, as you know we film these videos in advance, and this one, in particular, was filmed when Oscar was still alive. We will always miss him and love him, and it’s very hard for us to see him in these videos.