Q&A with Doctor Louise Newson

I’m joined by the marvellous Doctor Louise Newson to talk all about the big M- menopause of course. We also answer some of your questions such as is the age when you start menopause hereditary and how to prepare for perimenopause.


We also talk about our personal experiences and how Doctor Louise Newson dealt with her menopause symptoms while opening up her clinic.

Doctor Louise Newson

Doctor Louise Newson is a GP and menopause specialist. She feels passionately about improving education about the perimenopause and menopause and also improving awareness of safe prescribing of HRT to healthcare professionals.


Some of the questions we answer are:

  • Why am I bleeding for the second time in a month? I take OEstrogel and progesterone body-identicals after 9 months of no bleeding.
  • My mum went through early menopause at 45 / 46. Does this mean I’m likely to experience the same? I’ve just turned 40 so expecting to be perimenopausal soon. I want to prepare myself.
  • People think testosterone is all about libido but for me it totally got rid of awful brain fog and not being able to think of words to complete sentences.
  • Anxiety took over my life. Ive been to every doctor and even been put in a psychiatric hospital. Been on Sandrena Gel for 2 years on low to high dose but hasn’t helped with any symptoms.
  • I’ve been told to go back to my psychiatrist. He’s changed my anti-depressants 3 times with no change. I feel so alone.

To keep with this month’s theme, we discuss HRT ? and how to safely take it. So make sure to watch this information filled video! ??It’s important to remind everyone that taking a blood or urine test cannot diagnose or determine your menopausal stage??