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Physical Wellbeing

Wellbeing in everyday life


Achieving a state of wellbeing should always be our goal. Wellbeing is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

It’s important to know the difference between being happy today -because the weather was nice, I wasn’t stressed much and I got to relax at night, and being happy with yourself, your life etc – and therefore having a positive state of wellbeing.

This can of course, take time to achieve and is dependent on your personal goals in life, so we should not compare other people’s happiness to our own. A person who loves to live a quiet life in the countryside cannot relate to how a busy businesswoman can be happy with her schedule, and vice versa.

Maintaining your wellbeing doesn’t have to be a big complicated plan. It can be simple and made of small “rituals”. I discovered that having smaller goals also helped me cope with my menopause better. The following is what I do to improve and maintain my physical wellbeing. For me, being healthy in body and mind is the most important, so my rituals revolve around that.

A juice cleanse to detox

I usually go to Turkey every April where I do my juice cleanse. This just gives me a big health boost and motivates me to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the year. This year I couldn’t do it of course, as we have been in lockdown so it has been hard to maintain a healthy eating mentality.

I’ve been doing a juice cleanse for many years now. I sometimes like to start the year off with it. It is good to do it from 5 to 10 days in a row (always following professional instruction). If you live in London you can order juices already made and there are many available.

This detox kick starts your immune system, it cleanses your liver and brings down cholesterol. It helps your body to kick start a sluggish metabolism and speeds up cleansing.

?There are also specific liver cleanses, but they are hardcore. I did it and it nearly killed me, it is not for the light-hearted. You can also do the Caroline Gaskin ones. She has a Facebook page and she chats to you directly and helps you go through that. It is quite easy to do.


I believe that fasting healthily is brilliant. I usually do a fasting 5/2 diet   (five days on two days off). I fast for 16 hours between 8 pm to noon, then I have lunch, then fasting again until 8 pm. When you do eat, it’s important to only eat clean.

While I’m fasting, I feel very grounded and very connected. It is not easy, but it helps if you take sugar out of your diet and all the other things your body is addicted to. This also challenges your willpower and gives you a sense of accomplishment. In the beginning, you will be craving everything, but after 3 to 4 you’ll start to feel OK

Your body does get used to it, but it’s important to keep yourself occupied in the first few days. Caffeine is usually one of the strongest cravings, so maybe try cutting our caffeine before you start fasting.



On top of all this, I take a daily supplement, the Meno Blend which has all the vitamins a woman needs. I just add a sachet to my drink (smoothie, juice, tea, coffee, milk) and I take it. That’s it! It helps support my healthy lifestyle.



Fasting and wellbeing

It’s difficult to explain how fasting makes me feel more connected with myself. I guess it gives me a sense of freedom. The sense of being able to decide what to eat and when rather than depend on my cravings. Also, I become very aware of what I’m putting in my body, as I make sure what I eat will properly sustain my body until my next meal.

It is amazing how much food can influence your thoughts and your life. It sounds like a big deal to eat less, but I can’t stress enough how great it feels to me. My body feels new.

Before fasting you need to do ample research about nutrition and how your body will react so you’re prepared. I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t feeling so good. Fasting teaches you to recognise the difference between what your body wants and what it needs and you learn to listen more carefully to your body.

Taking care of your body

Other small things I do to keep myself feeling good: taking a cold shower. It gives you such an energy boost! Here is some more information on the benefits of taking cold showers.

Stop wearing nail polish (it can also be detrimental for your hormones you can see it here).

Since I am vegan, I also use vegan products, from shampoos to hand washes. I’ve noticed that vegan and natural products are not as expensive as they used to be. This is a great sign that demand is growing and that companies are complying to people’s vegan demands.

I am very proud that my products, the MM Range are all vegan and recyclable. Since I started becoming more aware of these issues, this has given me a sense of drive and pride. I am always looking to know more, and do more for the environment around us, and I’m not going to lie, it has improved my wellbeing knowing that I’m doing my part.