7 Easy Ways to Tackle Sleep Problems

SLEEP PROBLEMS Sometimes it can seem like a good night’s sleep is a fond but distant memory.  I found sleep problems to be one of the most difficult symptoms to cope with because it really affected my everyday life. Before the menopause, I had always been able to sleep really well. In fact, I would […]

Foggy brain

Foggy brain, also known as difficulty concentrating is a very common symptom arising during menopause.  If you’ve been pregnant you will especially relate to this symptom. I remember somebody asking me when my daughter Anaïs’ birthday was and it took me a good 3 or 4 seconds to say that it was 27th January. I […]

Boost your mood during menopause

Mood swings can be the hardest part of menopause. Dealing with a pandemic and lockdown in winter has just made it that bit tougher. You may be struggling to find motivation and mood swings are a challenge. Sometimes menopause can leave us weak-willed, but there are things we can do to feel better. The choices […]

Symptom Series: Bloating

It’s quite strange really and I don’t know if other women get this too, but my feeling of bloating and gas can vary from week to week.

21 ways to boost your immunity in menopause

It all starts with good gut health, says nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson  Our immune system is amazing. It has to be constantly on the lookout for pathogens in the body and, at the drop of a hat, identify and respond to any of the countless enemy microbes that might be trying to invade. What’s really clever is the way it distinguishes between what’s good and what’s bad in our system, killing what doesn’t belong and leaving what does.   While everyone will experience […]

Beauty special: the 12 days of Christmas

Olivia Falcon

Don’t put yourself at the bottom of the gift list this year. Our new beauty editor Olivia Falcon guides you through the latest products, gadgets and supplements to help you dazzle your way through the Advent countdown     On the first day of Christmas, MegsMenopause gave to me…    A BODY REBOOT    Age spots, crêpey skin […]

Make or break: how to tackle osteoporosis

Prevention is key with the ‘silent disease’. What can you do to help in the fight against osteoporosis?   By Dr Ornella Cappellari  What is osteoporosis?  Menopause is about a new you. Some of its symptoms – mood swings, hot flushes – are obvious signs that your body is changing. But there are other developments that […]

I feel it in my gut

How do the bugs that live in our intestines contribute to keeping us healthy in menopause?  The microbiome is having a moment – which is odd, given that it’s with us 24/7. So, when did gut health become such a hot topic?  And why is it so important for women around the time of menopause?   […]