Your Stories: Lisa Ransom

I’m Lisa, 43 years old from Norwich in Norfolk. I live with my partner Cesar who’s a smiley Filipino.

I work for Heart Radio in Norwich as a Senior Media Executive across East Anglia. My job is full on and fast-paced but lots of fun. I’m now only part-time as I’m a full time Mumma to my loving little boy Isaac Ky-mani aged 2, who I was so very blessed to have aged nearly 41.

My journey started last summer when I discovered a hard pea size lump in my armpit area in July that turned out to be breast cancer which is hormone positive. I had lumpectomy surgery in September and finished 20 sessions of radiotherapy mid-December. So, I’m now being faced with being forced into early menopause with monthly Zoladex implant injections in my stomach which started in December 2017 these will be ongoing for 2 years at least.

I don’t want to become this angry, snappy, worrying person that life is forcing me to be.

I’m experiencing hot power surges throughout my body which are like being plugged into a socket for a few moments. They rise from my feet upwards and cause me to feel very anxious, low and angry which just isn’t me as I’ve so much to be grateful for. I don’t want to become this angry, snappy, worrying person that life is forcing me to be. I’m also suffering from disturbed sleep and hot/cold night sweats which isn’t attractive and isn’t helping me to feel myself either!

I’ve found discussing these feelings and the menopause tricky as it’s often just something that people laugh off.  As a younger woman especially I wouldn’t know who to discuss it with as my friends haven’t experienced it yet themselves, so where do I turn now??!!

I’m so lucky I found Meg’s Menopause social media platforms that are there to offer advice and tips all relevant to this situation as there’s just no support around me which can feel lonely. I’ve also recently started taking St Johns Wart tablets to help balance myself out to feel more me.Lisa Ransom Black and White