Osteoperosis – Symptoms Series

So a bit of a sad one from me today…Osteoporosis, which is something that my mum unfortunately suffered from as well. This quite a hard topic for me to talk about actually, as it is something that is so personal to me and has affected my life in so many ways. While I knew that it was hereditary, I lived my life trying not to think about how I might one day suffer from the same disease. I suppose we all try to think of the best, and “that won’t happen to me”. I thought I was invincible…that was until the menopause. Osteoporosis is not only something that you can get through your genes (although it does raise the likelihood of it by a lot) but is also something that can be developed during the menopause. The lack of hormones in our bodies; the oestrogen, the testosterone, and the progesterone, all affect our bone density, which can lead to Osteoporosis. If you’re sat at home right now and you think you might be showing signs of bone density loss, then please don’t hesitate to see a GP and get a Dexa Scan which can confirm any bone loss. I was quite fortunate as I caught mine early at 5___ whereas my mum only found hers out much later in life. It’s because I caught it so early, that I am now able to take pre-emptive care to ensure my osteoporosis is managed as I get older. But I would love to know your stories, I’d love to read in the comments below the experiences you have all had with this sly disease

Love Meg


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