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Electric Shocks, Burning Mouth and Tingling Extremities – Symptoms Series

For today’s symptoms episode I’ll be tying up 3 symptoms in one video! Electric Shocks and Tingling extremities which I have never actually experienced myself, but have heard a lot about, and burning mouth, which is one of the symptoms I first started noticing when I started the menopause. However, all three of these are under the same umbrella of symptoms, which are ones that seem quite weird and random when you first get them. Of course, when you first started getting any of these symptoms, like me you probably thought it was all in your head. For burning mouth, looking back I actually had it for years before I finally asked my gynaecologist about it, and found out it was actually a symptom of the menopause and can even start during perimenopause! It really makes you wonder what mother nature is going to throw at us next. We’ve got at least 34 symptoms for the menopause, and they’re never something normal like a headache or the odd stomach cramp, but instead the feeling of pins and needles in your hands and feet, and getting electric shocks in bed! Isn’t being a woman fun? Anyway Menos, I’d really love to hear if any of you have experienced these symptoms too and if you have any tips! (I found sucking on a lozenge helped my burning mouth)

Love Meg