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Breast Pain-Symptom Series



I’m back again for another symptom and this week I’ll be talking about breast pain. For me breast pain was one of the first few symptoms I noticed when I started the menopause. They were sore, tender, swollen and even kept me up at night (on top of insomnia, can you imagine?) During this time I actually still had my implants in, so the swelling and pain was just intensified. It’s actually quite funny as when I went to see my gynaecologist and I told her about the breast pain she actually made me take a pregnancy test just to be sure. After the pregnancy test came back negative (of course) I decided to take my implants out once and for all! And I have to say the first thing I noticed when I got my fake breasts taken out is I was so much less moody, I didn’t have as much water retention, and finally how I willingly carried around 2 pounds of silicone on my chest for decades. Unfortunately these aching breast are another result of the lack of oestrogen (you lot sick of that word yet?) in our bodies. Have any of you ladies experienced aching breasts?? ?
Love Meg x