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Brain Fog- Symptom Series


What was I talking about? Ahh Foggy Brain! This is probably one of the worst ones, especially when you don’t know you’re going through the menopause yet as you feel like you’re having dementia. I remember one time I even forgot my pin number as I was paying for something in the shops. I mean how can you forget something like that? That’s something you use everyday! But there I was in the middle of a shop completely embarrassed, calling anybody I could think of who knew my pin as a back-up. Of course, it’s that pesky oestrogen that causes this havoc in our brains. It causes the neurotransmitters in our brains to misfire, causing us a lot of confusion and embarrassment. With the foggy brain it can feel completely overwhelming as the simplest tasks can take twice as long to complete and life suddenly gets twice as hard. One thing I would recommend is to make lists and write everything down! This comes in handy especially for travelling when you have so many different things to be thinking about, like passports, tickets times and places. What are some of your stories with the foggy brain?? ?

Love, Meg x

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