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Libido Lifters for Valentine’s Day

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Endless chocolate eating? Unexpected floral deliveries? Racy sex? With the decadent promise of amorous anticipation, the very holiday of Valentine’s Day brings a tingling excitement that awakens our libidos and most private fantasies with unapologetic carnality. But what happens when you find those daydreams compromised thanks to your new reality of menopause sex? 

Well, you could sit in a slump about it. Although you’d be missing out on great solo and partner sex. Or you could continue reading this article for brilliant tips on boosting your libido during the menopause! Hint: the latter will work out better for your esteem. Contrary to the legend, sex during the menopause can still be just as sensual and sublime as ever.  

Understanding your why libido shifts is key 

The great pause has multiple hormonal effects on our bodies. To help your body through a menopause-induced libido dip, get to know exactly what these are in relation to sex, to really accomodate your physical needs. Here’s the short, scientific answer on its impact from our THE 34 SYMPTOMS OF MENOPAUSE: LOSS OF LIBIDO blog:  Oestrogen plays a vital role in female sexuality, in increasing sensation, assisting in the production of vaginal lubrication and maintaining the health of vaginal tissue. Around the time of menopause, falling levels of oestrogen lead to a reduction in blood supply to the vagina, which then negatively affects lubrication and can make intercourse painful. 

So rest assured, there are tangible, biological reasons behind your lacking libido beyond your control. What you can control however, is how you deal with this bodily shift.  

Get Physical to enliven your libido 

Be specific with your fitness routines to ensure they’re helping keep your libido high. Focused exercises which use your pelvic floor, including squatting and cycle spinning, are a great way to get you warmed up down there, all whilst taking the pressure off mentally. Bonus points for using a vibrating fitness plate whilst you workout.  

Although if the affect of menopause on your sex life is taking a mental toll, a more mindful warm up like Menopause Yoga may be preferrable. To get your blood flowing freely, hot Yoga at home is an even better bet. Some of our favourite Instagram menopause specialist Yogis are:  

  • Petra Coveney, founder of the world’s first menopause Yoga classes. @menopause_yoga
  • Gabriella Espinosa a hormonal health and Yoga specialist. @gabriellaespinsoa  


Get your arousal back with edible aphrodisiacs  

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to feeling your sexiest for Valentine’s Day. Start by upping your antioxidant dietary intake to increase blood flow. 

For astounding orgasms (like you’d accept anything less) there’s nothing like the rush of your pulse for supreme pleasure. Selecting antioxidant-rich foods can help speed up the process, by getting your blood circulation to increase in preparation for that grin-worthy climax.  

Little changes — like cranberries, cinnamon or bananas in your breakfast smoothie, to more garlic, chilli and basil in your lunch — are a smart way to keep your blood circulation healthy. As an added bonus, antioxidant-rich foods may even help partners suffering with erectile dysfunction.  

Tap into your serotonin levels 

As the key hormone responsible for stablising and lifting our moods (including our menopause-anxious libidos), keeping your serotonin levels high is essential for an unforgettable Valentine’s romp. We’ve already covered exercise, which is always a good way to lift your mental outlook.  

But other mood-enhancing supplements such as Vitamin D, natural spirit-lifters like sunlight and self-care techniques such as booked massages are likely to keep you smiling with serotonin too. This is your excuse to treat yourself!  


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