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5 Ways Exercising Improves Your Sex Life

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We all know that our lives and bodies change as we age – some things good, others not so good. Speaking of the latter, a recent U.S. study found that nearly 40% of women, ages 30-70, have a low sexual desire, and may continue to lower during or after menopause.

You could spend hours researching the right medication, supplements, or positions to help boost your libido, but something just as simple as exercising might just be the natural remedy you need to help light that fire again. The benefits of exercising are endless, but in this case, we’ll focus not only on. how working out will keep your physic looking healthy and young but its ability to keep your nether regions youthful as well!

It can boost your confidence

Think about it. When you’ve been on a solid work out regiment, you see yourself differently. You don’t actually have to lose any weight to start noticing changes in yourself. It changes our bodies and minds, and we bring that mindset with us to the bedroom. When you know you’re feeling and looking sexy, you are more likely to reveal that confidence to your partner, and be in the mood.

More Fluent in your Body Language

When you’re working out, you will likely work your “kegels” without even knowing it. Working your Kegel muscles strengthens your pelvis and helps you “tighten up” during sex. If you’re doing regular strength training, you’re probably working those Kegels already. When you do any sort of exercise that emphasizes “engaging the core,” you’re also contracting everything from the top of the abdomen to the pelvic floor – which is great for sex.

Additionally, sex often involves holding unusual positions for a given amount of time. If your new workouts include manipulating your own bodyweight or even yoga, you could see an improvement in your ability to hold the positions you’re used to and the ones that make you feel the best.

It will enhance everything

You’re feeling your best, so you’re performing at your best. Women who regularly work out are more likely to be turned on than their counterparts who don’t work out – plus they’re also more likely to have an orgasm. The increased blood flow that comes from working out sets us up to have easier, more intense climaxes with heightened sensitivity in our nether regions.

Better Endurance

Sex is an intimate act between two people, and you want it to last long enough that you both feel fulfilled in the end. Exercise increases your body’s overall cardio and muscular endurance leading to longer lasting lovemaking. There are even specific exercises you can try to increase your sexual stamina.

Reduces Stress

There could be a few factors impacting your sex drive, but nothing kills the mood like stress. Studies show that those with healthy sleep and stress levels tend to have better sex lives and overall relationship satisfaction. If things like fatigue or your mood are getting in the way of your sex life, exercising can significantly help as it promotes both restful sleep and reduces stress afterwards.

For all the above reasons and more, women who regularly exercise have better sex lives as they age. There are more challenges to sex after a certain age, but as long as you’re taking care of yourself – which includes safe and healthy work outs – there’s no reason you can’t continue enjoying an active sex life for years and years to come.

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