Insomnia- Symptom Series

Let’s talk about insomnia and sleep deprivation! As many of you may know, insomnia is one of the first symptoms I noticed when I started the menopause. I’ve got to say this symptom is one of the hardest to deal with.Not only does insomnia make you physically exhausted the next day, but it also can drain you mentally and emotionally. For me, falling asleep is easy enough, however for some reason at around 2am I’ll randomly just wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep again. I don’t actually think I’vehad a solid night’s sleep since I started the menopause. On the days where my insomnia is particularly bad and I have had ZERO sleep, I try to be kind to myself the next day. This means maybe instead of a heavy gym session, I’ll take a nice walk in the park. For many of you women having to balance a full-time job, maybe try to take a nap during your lunch break. I would also heavily recommend staying off your devices when your in bed! This can really affect the melatonin production in our brains making it harder to fall asleep. I would also invest in some blackout curtains or an eye mask as darkness helps produce melatonin. Also avoiding doing any work or stressful jobs in bed as it make you associate stress with your bedroom. Try to save your bed for sleeping, relaxing (and sometimes sex). Anyway Menos, wishing you all a good night’s sleep tonight. Let me know any of your tips for sleeping!