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Symptom Series-Vaginal Dryness

Today we’ll be talking about the wonderful topic of vaginal dryness. I remember back in the days not even worrying about anything to do with my vagina, while now it seems to be all I think about. It can be quite frustrating as many women find they still have the desire to have sex, climax and be intimate with their partner, but their vaginas are simply not producing enough moisture like it used to. What I didn’t realise as well is that not only does the vagina become drier as our oestrogen decreases, but the delicate membrane also starts to shrink. This can lead to the vagina becoming more sensitive, sore and in some cases even tear (All my sympathies to women with vaginal atrophy as it can be SO painful). One big piece of advice I would give women is to treat your vagina like you would treat your face. Think about it. All of the time, effort and money we spend on our faces, DO THE SAME FOR YOUR FANNY! Using a nice, gentle and ph-balanced vaginal moisturiser can help dryness and discomfort throughout the day and a good lubricant can help with soreness during sex or masturbating. I’ve got a great guide on my website on what lubes are best for you! Masturbating more can also help vaginal dryness as it keeps the area more lubricated and also makes it easier to climax in general. Anyone else have any tips for vaginal dryness? ?

Love Meg x

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