Libido Lifters for Valentine’s Day

Endless chocolate eating? Unexpected floral deliveries? Racy sex? With the decadent promise of amorous anticipation, the very holiday of Valentine’s Day brings a tingling excitement that awakens our libidos and most private fantasies with unapologetic carnality. But what happens when you find those daydreams compromised thanks to your new reality of menopause sex?    Well, […]

Take Care of Yourself Down There

Fact: Your intimate health is just as important as the rest of your physical health. But when was the last time you checked the pH of your privates? If it was yesterday, fantastic! You’re truly a vagina self-care sensation. Congratulations.  Yet, among most women’s busy lives it’s fair to say the majority of us often […]

Don’t believe the hype: five nutrition myths that just won’t go away

How can we cut through the midlife food fads and find out what works, asks Emma Bardwell  A slew of nutritional “experts” – most of them unqualified – has appeared online in the past few months. Often their cleanses, reset programmes, fat-burning supplements and skinny teas have no substance to them, but they can feel […]

Such a tonic: how to drink smarter

Keen to avoid the harmful effects of sugar and alcohol in menopause? This new range of sugar-free tonic waters can help  We know that too much sugar can be bad for our health. Excess consumption can lead to weight gain, high blood-sugar levels and, over time, high blood pressure and diabetes. During menopause, it’s even […]

Message in a bottle: alcohol and menopause

Ahead of Alcohol Awareness Week, we bust some of the myths around drinking and menopause  By Dr Ornella Cappellari   The menopause can be hard, we know. And while some women sail through it, others may struggle to cope with the severity of their symptoms. That’s where alcohol comes in. It may seem like a solution […]

I feel it in my gut

How do the bugs that live in our intestines contribute to keeping us healthy in menopause?  The microbiome is having a moment – which is odd, given that it’s with us 24/7. So, when did gut health become such a hot topic?  And why is it so important for women around the time of menopause?   […]

Nutrition With Rosemary Ferguson


In this video I am joined with nutritional therapist Rosemary Ferguson. We discuss all things nutrition related to the menopause.

Eat your… menopause

We know how important a balanced diet is, but can it also help with the annoying menopause symptoms?