Talking with Lucy: The Heart

I’m back with Lucy from Lucy’s Squad, this time we’re talking about the heart. As you know, Lucy promotes full-body exercises that anyone can do. She talks about how this isn’t just important for how we look and feel on the outside. It’s also super important for what’s inside our bodies. The heart is the most important muscle in our body, and we should make sure that we’re keeping it fit and healthy.

All the exercise that you do will improve your heart’s strength, but the intensity is key. Lucy says that if you can hold a full conversation while exercising (even walking), you should look to intensify your exercise to raise your heart rate, which in turn will strengthen your heart health.

Your heart is a muscle just like any other muscle. If you do not use it then it will lose strength.

Another bonus is, all this exercise will often improve your skin and make it glow. This is so important especially if you’re suffering from the horrible menopausal acne. We also talk about how it is equally important to enjoy your life and not constantly limit yourself and find the most important balance in life, whether it’s food or exercise.

Love, Meg x